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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adventures in Dim Sum: Manhattan Chinatown

Currently, I am visiting Keerthi in New York, and it is joyous.

On Saturday we went to Dim Sum. We searched and searched through Chinatown until we came across a place that looked promising. That is to say, it looked both a) Cheap and b) Unlikely to give us salmonella/E.coli/trichinosis. The restaurant did, in fact, greatly resemble a diner that had seen better days, but we had great faith in it, based mainly on the fact that they were still serving dim sum when we wanted it in the late afternoon. And it was REALLY cheap. Here's the menu --

Unfortunately, by the time we remembered our cameras....

Quality greasy Saturday afternoon dim sum on the cheap.

Sun Hop Shing Tea House
21 Mott Street
New York, New York
Subway Stop: Canal St.


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