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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I See, You See, We All See Sushi

I'm still trying to find the best Japanese food on the East Coast. Living on the West, I was spoilt for choice (both in terms of quality and price). One decent venue, Sushi Lounge, is really a decent choice for sushi in Manhattan. On Saturday night, my little brother Kiran, my friend Troy, and myself decided that sushi sounded just the thing for dinner. This was, in part, prompted by a large and greasy breakfast/lunch in Harlem that afternoon (I had Chicken and Waffles... mmm chicken + waffle = love).

Anyways, after all that grease, raw fish and rice seemed like a good/healthy choice. So off we went to Sushi Lounge in the East Village. The real trick at Sushi Lounge is to order more than 8 dollars per person (and more than 18 dollars total) worth of sushi. At this point, the price of every order of sushi is halved. Thus, 18 dollars of sushi becomes 9 dollars! Thats fantastic! Amazing! Mindblowing! Now, Sushi Lounge really doesn't do Nigiri, and their speciality rolls are around 7 bucks each (reg. price). But still, really, half price sushi. And drinks are half price after 10 pm. Arrive late, order a lot, eat with a friend, its worth it.

See? See how much we enjoyed it? We couldn't restrain ourselves for long enough to take a pre-demolishment photo. Sad, but you can alleviate this sadness by visiting Sushi Lounge.

The Sushi Lounge
132 Saint Marks Place (St. Mark's and Ave A)
(212) 598-1188
New York, NY

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter means Cadbury Creme Eggs

Easter clearly means Cadbury Creme Eggs. What else could Easter mean? Peeps you say? NO! Creme Eggs! Preferably popped into the freezer, until their outer chocolate is hard, even brittle, and the gooey fondant white/yolk has solidified into an egg-shaped fondant treat. And Peeps? Peeps are the love child of the Michelin Man and the El Pollo Loco Chicken -- the acidly marshmallow children unwanted by either parent, they find their way to the unassuming shelves of your local shop and from there to the Easter baskets of poor, innocent, and unsuspecting children. Its all quite sad, really. I propose that this year every American parent does their child a favor and buys them Creme Eggs instead.
But back to the central point. The joys of the Creme Egg are unbounded. First, you bite off the top and there is chocolate and a little bit of think hmmm, interesting. The next bite is almost entirely fondant, with just a hint of yolk and then the final joyous bite, the base, is a chocolate-fondant amalgamation of such unbearable perfection that I cannot even describe it. The only thing that might possibly be better than a frozen Cadbury Creme Egg is a Cadbury Creme Egg Car...