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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bad, bad, very bad eating indeed

Early this morning at JFK, waiting for my flight to SFO to board , I gave in and had a rare McDonald's experience. Now, its not that I (and Keerthi!) do not indulge in things fried in transfats, dipped in greasse, or covered in sugar. However, we generally go for the cheap chinatown dumplings or the indian cabdriver curries or the south american donuts. Ethnic junk food, if you will.

McDonald's is something I give in and eat every few months, but it will never be my preferred junk food. This morning, up in time for breakfast for once, I grabbed two hashbrowns, a sausage muffin, and a cup of coffee to sustain me before the flight.

The sandwich was, well, okay -- a piece of 'sausage' in the middle of curiously greasy biscuits. Lots and lots of ketchup made it (barely) palatable. But those hash browns oh god those hash browns. I want to marrry them. Have children with them. Make crispy, golden-y, greasy, delicious children.

I love those hash browns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good god I love those hashbrowns.


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